Monday, March 25, 2013

Can You Tell If You've Been Spending Too Much Time Around Cats?

On the best of days I am hardly a people person: let alone a cat, dog or marsupial person. So it came as quite a surprise to me when I started relaying, in concerned tones, that I thought the cats were fighting. Not just any fight, oh no, I felt they were having a proper tiff and it threw off my entire day. Well not my entire day but I did spend five minutes considering ways to improve inter-cat relations. Then I spent another five wondering what had happened to me and then it became clear. I have been spending too much time with the cats. The signs were there and I ignored them. But now with the gift of hindsight I can share with you the signs that you too may be spending a bit too much time with your own feline counterparts.

1) You believe you understand how the cat is feeling based on the way it is carrying its whiskers.
2) You begin to empathise with the cat's feelings towards other organisms.

3) Your cat will not let you leave the house without it.

4) Your cat takes your chair and signals with it's paw that you may occupy another. 

5) Your cat becomes concerned for your safety and decided to accompany you on walking excursions. 

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