Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cake-in-a-Cup Fiasco

My sister and I were cold. It was a long Irish night and the heating wasn't working. We were curled up on the couch beneath duvets and hot water bottles moaning about how hungry we were.
But the kitchen was so far away and there was nothing particularly motivating about a tuna sandwich. In fact all we had was tuna, onions and ingredients for things that required effort to make.

Then we had a brainwave.
"Can’t you make cake in a cup in the microwave or something? "
We forgot everything about being cold and miserable and lazy; we rushed to the computer, got a Google recipe and started. We didn't have everything so we made a few executive decisions

Sure olive oil and vegetable oil are the same thing.

Isn't cocoa powder with yogurt almost the same as melted chocolate.

Raising powder is over rated anyway?
We got so excited we did a little spoon inspired dance.
When we were finished the cake wouldn't fit in a cup. We had to put it in a saucepan.

It took ten minutes in the microwave, the ten longest minutes of our life. We discussed the cake.
Then the moment came, we dug our spoons into the saucepan and breathed in before taking substantially large mouthfuls.
We sat a moment and considered the situation….
So we tried it again and simply resigned ourselves to disposing of the cake-in-a-cup. After all that we retired back to our blanket on the couch...

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