Sunday, May 26, 2013

Strangely Constructive Things People Yell at You When You’re Running a Race

“Quit feeling sorry for yourself and just run,” I wasn't feeling sorry for myself until you yelled out that little gem of advice. I was just running and now I am running and thinking (a dangerous combination). And all I can think is why don’t you get down here and just run.
“That’s the way to roll,” I’m sorry but this just makes me envision a bunch of  people having a tumbling competition down a hill.
“Suck it up,” What does this even mean? If I was in the water pit of the steeple chase maybe- and even then it’s probably contaminated water and therefore sucking it up is just advice.
“She’s behind you,” If she’s not in front of me. She’s clearly behind me. But you know what, thank you.

“Get On Your Horse/ Get Off Your Horse,” This was used interchangeably by one of our college coaches. The effect was that we weren't sure if he wanted us to speed up or slow down.
“Move your legs,” That my friend, is a great strategy.

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