Monday, June 24, 2013

Love Works Like This According to the Movies

1. As long as you are beautiful, but not the most beautiful person in the scenario…you will get the guy. This simply means that a strategically gorgeous tall enemy will only heighten your chances of finding Mr. Right, provided that the only thing between you and becoming a super-model is your height.
 2. If a man holds a door for you act stroppy and independent and slam it in his face for good measure. It’s the power-women that find their softer side that get the guy.
3. The guy you hate on sight. He’s the one. 
4. Gay-best-friends are generally undercover straight-men trying to marry you.

5. If there are not enough weird and wacky "coincidences" then this is not true love. It can’t be easy, it must be serendipitous.
6. Beautiful men will eat your heart for breakfast and someone else’s for lunch.
7. Secretaries seem to sleep with everyone.
8. You must do something really awful to people you think you love. This way you test whether or not they will love you despite the fact that you got them fired, kidnapped their baby or called their mother a whore.

9. You should be really clumsy around guys you are trying to impress. This will result in lots of embarrassing situations that will magically make him fall in love with you. What’s more attractive than finding your future wife face down in the fish-display? Am I right?
10. All confusion and sadness is cured by sitting on park benches where you once spent time with the person in question. Here you will experience a series of touching flashbacks that will make your next step obvious.

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