Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cure for the Worst Day Ever

We all have our own comfort food or comfort thing. For years I thought I was exempt to the tradition; above needing a crutch to get me through the weeks that just don’t turn out quite right.

I remember nights spent dreaming about a box of chocolates my mother bought the day before and waking to find she’d eaten her way through the entire thing during the night. Not that she ever admitted to it, we had to pretend like the box never existed.

But then one day I woke up feeling miserable and I decided to ignore it.

I ignored it so much that the universe decided to teach me a lesson. By pretending I could get up and be happy I had slighted the universal gods of Karma and so my day went something like this…

It started with no milk for breakfast so that I ended up eating dry Weetabix.
Cycling to work the basket fell of my bike and I was forced to improvise or be late. I chose the former.
At work the printer broke right in the middle of a big marketing project.
So I sent the project to some people, who said they would get back to me. While I waited I went to lunch and my card got refused, so I couldn't even get a sandwich.

My account had been overcharged by 200 euro. I called the bank people and heard a lot of “sorry I can’t help you’s”.

A generic rejection letter for my novel sailed in at about 3 pm

The people that took the marketing project turned out to be incompetent and we had to hand write thousands of letters.

It was late by the time I wheeled my bike home, still not having fixed the basket. I thought things were surely only going to get worse. I was just going to make a quick dinner and go to bed and stay there until the world was a kinder place.

So I boiled some potatoes, and I started to feel OK, so I thought, you know what, I’ll boil a few more and it worked. Everything was better or at least it felt that way.
So now whenever I’m really upset and somebody asks can they get me something, I simply tell them a potato. Generally speaking people aren't as acceptant of this answer as you might imagine.

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