Monday, August 12, 2013

5 Secret Powers of Mother’s Worldwide

1. Super-Sonic-Selective-Hearing: This is most notable in ones formative years. You could be standing beside your mother screaming about how much you need a new dress for the party and she won’t even blink. But then stand at the other end of the house and whisper that you are bored into a pile of pillows and you will be rewarded with enough tasks to dispel any boredom for the foreseeable future.

2. Something-Bad-Has-Happened-Sense: This might also be described as the capacity to worry far too much. But it results in mother’s ringing up every so often, even when you are in other continents, shrilly asking “Is everything OK  what happened?” You can then update them on the devastating discovery of a worm in your apple earlier that day or perhaps your latest break-up or job loss.
3. Voice-Moderation-That-Always-Heightens-Volume-At-Most-Embarrassing-Sentence: It doesn't matter what age you are this super power has the ability to send you shrinking back into your own skin. Whether it’s a helpful question about whether or not you've remembered to wear underwear when you were eight or shouting down the super Market aisles at sixteen: “Do you need any tampons or anything?”
4. Deluded-Child-Belief: This can be a either a power or a hindrance. All mothers’ think their child is meant for greater things. This spurs their children past their initial inhibitions. However it can result in children pursuing things they are less than suited for in an effort to please their proud mothers.
5. Automated-Tidy-Mode: This seems to be a default setting, where nothing can be done until things are tidy. This is why tidying your bedroom takes up so much of your childhood. It later results in mothers renovating entire rooms of the house for the home-comings of their grown-up children.


  1. I swear this post cracks me up, I think everyone can relate!! I just nominated you for a Liebster Award check out my blog for details

    Zee xx

    1. Aw thanks a million. I will have a look at that. Really appreciate the feedback, sometimes I seriously wish I didn't relate to my own posts ;)


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