Monday, September 30, 2013

Student Life: Staying in and Studying (Cat Videos).

It gets to that point in the semester when you realise you might actually have to submit some assignments. That's what happened this weekend in our house. Suddenly we were all faced with deadlines and tests and there was no way to avoid it. As responsible adults we decided to stay in and study. We retired to our rooms and at first things went well.
It lasted a couple of hours before one of us got distracted and started sending the others life-changing videos from youtube. 
Soon we were all sitting in our rooms pretending to work. I tried my best to pen a verse or two, but simply ended up writing ridiculous ditties about cat videos. 
The spell had been broken. A break was needed. So we spent the next three hours drinking tea.
We found out things about each other as we wiled the hours away with heart to hearts. 
It was clear no work was going to be done. I decided to try out a new pilates regime. Sure it would cleanse my mind of viral cat videos and get me back to writing semi-coherent sentences. Bored, one of my housemates watched and gave pointers.
The whole episode resulted in a catastrophic loss of balance and some minor facial injuries. 
While I sat cursing the pilates ball. My housemates bounced about on it like two hyperactive three year olds. Displaying their version of interpretive pilates. 
We seriously needed to get back to work. But our concentration was waning. We needed food. Rather than order something in, or make something quick like well-adjusted adults who have their priorities in order, we decided to spend a couple of hours cooking ourselves a proper meal. 
Then there was the time spent consuming the spoils of our efforts. In the moments that followed nothing mattered except for how much food we could fit into our mouths without looking like complete heathens.
Revitalized we stood up, ready now to take on the world of study. We made it half-way across the living room before we started dropping like flies as the food hit our stomachs. 
We may not have gotten any work done. But by process of trial and error we did finally figure out what the pilates ball was good for. 

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