Monday, September 23, 2013

When a Two Year Old Falls Madly in Unrequited Love

My little sister was pretty adorable when she was small. By small I mean two. At about that age she was fairly convinced of her own cute-factor and used it to her advantage.
She became a bit of a love-crazed lunatic. She fell in love on a daily basis and latched onto her victim, with or without their encouragement.
 For the most part people didn't mind too much, it was cute, she was after all just a very enthusiastic baby. She never seemed to notice rejection or perhaps she didn't believe in it. She also didn't exercise discrimination or notice social cues. Pretty much anyone would do, however hostile. 
She had a one track mind and when she saw someone she loved this was always what happened. 
Then came the one person she wanted to notice her, but didn't. My parents hired a builder to put up an extension and he basically stepped all over my little sisters fawning. He seemed completely oblivious to her two year old advances.
She was not one to give up. She decided to make him notice. She started playing with cement.
She built little stone walls out of rocks to impress him. 
And then she took things too far. She scaled a ladder in her attempts to follow him.
My mother had to keep her indoors when the builder was over. She was no longer allowed to pursue the love of her life. Needless to say she was distraught. 
It wasn't long before she found her next victim though and it was mutual. He was a Galway hurler visiting with some trophy the team won and he put her in the trophy for a photo op. All thoughts of my sister's builder paled in comparison to her first taste of being a trophy wife. 

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