Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our Drunken Mistake of a Toothfairy

When I was growing up we had an issue every time we lost a tooth. Our tooth fairy NEVER remembered to come.
Now my mother did her best to explain the situation. She told us elaborate tales of our alcoholic tooth fairy that couldn't quite get it together.
She suggested I draw huge signs to tape all around the house so the tooth fairy couldn't miss them. No matter how ridiculously drunk she got. So I spent hours drawing huge posters to direct the tooth fairy.
But the tooth fairy still forget. The more the tooth fairy forgot the more my mother explained.
I was so fascinated that I wanted to meet this drunken mess of a fairy. So as any child would do I lay in wait.
Which inevitably lead to a certain amount of surprise.
and of course the only logical conclusion.

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