Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Reflections on Turning a Quarter of a Freaking Century

Sweet potatoes, I can still feel my legs! That was my initial though when I woke up this morning. Mostly because I suspected that one loses all feeling in their legs as they get older, and now at a grand old quarter of a century I am all set to become decrepit. I've been preparing for this moment for a few weeks now and have considered googling zimmer frames. But I didn't, because I was too young for that carry on at twenty four. I looked in the mirror to see what had changed.
 I was disappointed to find I looked the same. I contemplated the fact that everything felt the same over breakfast.
But alas, the day so far has proceeded in a predictable fashion. I spilled milk all over my first outfit and had to change. Sadly, despite having spent twice as much time as usual picking out hopeful looking clothes, my job has not also magically changed.
 It still makes me feel, more or less, like this...
All is not lost though, having treated myself to a GOATS CHEESE (need I say more) birthday sandwich, I can safely say that cheese is still equipped to handle all my problems.

 And if all that weren't enough I got all these lovely messages from people I didn't even know cared. Which means I am sitting here, eating cheese and trying not to weep. I have not become decrepit or, as I've feared for some time now, a cat lady. In fact I don't yet own a cat. Which means I'm still young, which means everything is OK, which means bring on the next quarter of a century! 

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