Monday, June 23, 2014

The Interview (Part Two of my Dazzling Career as a Cold Caller)

The day of the interview I transformed myself into a grown-up.
 However despite looking like and technically being an adult, I decided not to get a taxi to the interview. It was after all a beautiful day outside. The beautiful day, as it is prone to do in Ireland, quickly disappeared.
I arrived at my interview looking like I'd dipped myself in chaos.
I wasn't going down without a fight though. I wanted this construction job and I had the experience to prove it.
When they seemed unimpressed by my sizeable knowledge of building things I resorted to babbling about Facebook. Something which pretty much everyone my age could claim to be an expert at.
When this tactic fell flat, I resorted to offering myself up for minimal payment.
It's hard to say whether it was my expertise, my frazzled appearance or my cringe-worthy speech about carpentry, but somehow I landed the job.

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