Monday, July 7, 2014

The Training Period (Part Three of my Dazzling Career as a Cold Caller)

By the time the first day of work came around I'd already gotten over the excitement of working in the construction industry. Minimal research had thrown up nothing but foreign terminology and pictures of slabs of concrete. So I dressed accordingly.
The day began with an introduction to my mentor. "Mentor" being his word and not mine.
King Douche proceeded to turn around and type things on his own computer, leaving me to sit there pointlessly.
It was some kind of weird test and when I asked if I could be of use, I failed that test.
So I used my initiative and spent the morning rereading the companies website.
As much as I enjoy reading, this became painful and so I decided to ask for something to do. 
This resulted in my "mentor" presenting me with a job outline that would describe the next two months of my life. At the time it sounded like a small amount of work. I was naïve and vaguely ambitious.

I spent the next two days watching over ten hours of YouTube footage about building houses. It got to the point where everything the builders said sounded like innuendo.
This isn't something I'd normally find funny. But after ten hours of construction videos where everyone talks in slow motion about plastering walls...pretty much anything seems like comedy gold. By the end of day two I was a giggling mess.
My co-workers were not inspired to ask what was so funny. Instead they became even more silent and I knew My YouTube induction was about to end and my life lessons were about to begin.


  1. OMG what a nightmare. How do people stick it?

  2. Wait till you see what happened gets worse! or funnier.....


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