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  1. Dear Alvy,

    I just wanted to wish you - genuinely - all best in poetry for 2018, and congratulations on your new book. While I stand (with others) by my remarks a while ago about 'Numb' (and your live delivery of same), I wanted, again, to apologise if my reaction to you came across as patronising or superior. Regardless, I have found 'The Carpenter's Daughter' very beautiful.

    Of course, literature is all about contestation, and we should all find ways of enjoying such, as I hope you can agree - without, hopefully, lapsing into 'trolling' or personal abuse.

    In a Beckettian vein, as you may or may not have seen from your YouTube video's comments, I am delighted with your construal of me as a 'failed poet'. It really helps. I'm glad, as I say, you feel you are, by implicit contrast, 'successful'.

    Have you made any NY resolutions?

    Take care of yourself, but live dangerously!
    Simon Solomon

  2. Quote from Oscar Wilde that made me think of Alvi today and her words in the media about me (her), poetry (poverty) and failing (badly):

    'Ambition is the last refuge of the failure' (Oscar Wilde).



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